The session was masterful; many believe one of the best ever at an NSA convention.

Somehow, the words ‘thank you’ just don’t seem like they’re enough.  I have never received as many compliments and enthusiastic appreciative comments as I did from my peers for bringing the rock star panel to the NSA Rocks main stage.  Even though the end result was exactly what I had envisioned over a year ago, until I met you in Vegas, it had disaster written all over it.  I needed to drop the tangled mess I had started into someone’s capable hands and pray they could make Pheasant-Under-Glass out of Chicken —- Soup.  Thank GOD Victoria suggested you, Robin.  You interfaced beautifully with David, which is a testimony to your leadership and communication skills.

The session was masterful; many believe one of the best ever at an NSA convention.  And you were the reason it rocked.

My favorite moment of the entire weekend was when Kevin walked out singing Take It On the Run.  NSA has never had a moment like that, and it will never be equaled.  Like that would have ever happened without you and your subtle suggestion in the green room.  I watched a real pro at work, and I am deeply indebted to you, buddy.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, Robin, I hope your inbox is totally jammed with all kinds of people who want to work with you and just heap praise on you.  I will sing your praises for years and years to come. Your lifelong friend and fan.

ERIC CHESTER  //  NSA Rocks! Convention Chair, Bestselling Author, CPAE NSA SPEAKER HALL OF FAME

I would recommend you to any company that wants their employees to build a Rock Star mentality.

Thank you for an inspiring presentation.  When I told the company I’m bring over a rocker speaker, there were some raised eyebrows and uncertainty.  But you proved that we can bring learning from the Rock n Roll world, deliver the message in a fun way, and still connect effectively with a largely technical audience.  The response from the audience was great and we believe you have made a very positive contribution to our conference. 

Thank you for the effort you put into making your presentation relevant to our audience and their unique challenge. That was the key.  I personally heard some of your message used by different people the very next day!  Congratulations on a job well done. I would recommend you to any company that wants their employees to build a Rock Star mentality.

JEANNE LIM  //  Director of Marketing, Tandberg/Cisco - Asia Pacific

"Congrats on one hell of a kick ass session in New York.  So many fantastic moments at NSA – but yours had to be the most magical.  Every bit, every lick, every second mattered.  Huge entertainment – huge star power – huge gems for everyone listening. Plus, it was such a pleasure to have some time with you Robin.  You are an original, filled with warmth and talent to share with all.  Thanks for putting the Rock in Rock & Roll!"

Nice Bike!

Mark Scharenbroich, Hall of Fame Speaker, Making Connections Work

Robin has helped me completely transform what I am about on the platform

Robin has helped me make a complete 180 degree swing in my speaking career.  For several years, prior to working with Robin, my keynote presentation struggled to make the kind of impact on my audience that I was looking for.  Oh yeah, I would get standing ovations after almost every presentation and people would come up to me afterwards with tears in their eyes and give me this big hug and tell me how lucky I was to be alive.  But I wasn’t touching them in the way I knew I wanted to or more importantly the way I needed to.  I just couldn’t figure it out on my own.  Until I began working with

Robin.  He has helped me completely transform what I am about on the platform and just as important, what I am about off of the platform.  I think differently now.  I speak differently now.  I impact people’s lives differently now.  Robin has helped me draw a line in the sand.

A speaking career is all about relationships.  Relationships with clients, relationships with audiences, relationships with colleagues, relationships with all kinds of people.  A successful speaking career is also about relationships with coaches.  I have that special relationship with Robin.

And here is the coolest thing….I get to call up Robin after a gig and say, “Robin, it worked!, it worked!, it worked!”  For a speaker, there is no better feeling in the world.

Bill Ester // "Fired Up On Purpose!"


I was one of the lucky ladies who attended last night’s APSS meeting. And was very inspired by your rock star magic. You really walked your talk. I am sure you receive these emails all the time, yet I want to share my appreciation too. You made me dance at the end – could not keep static with the music vibe going in the air…

I loved:

  • your overflowing charisma
  • your clear message
  • your entertaining / natural / fun way of talking and interacting with us
  • your frankness 
  • the great use of various mediums and the perfect balance between each
  • LOVED you playing the guitar, hearing some tunes that livened up and rocked the room

I love learning from people like you. Your talk was the reason I came back earlier from vacation in London. Boy – it was so worthwhile!!! I’d love to buy you lunch or coffee next time you’re in Singapore. If your schedule allows it. I’d love to attend your Rock Star workshop.

Hope you bring it to Singapore or S.E.Asia!

Thank you again!!!    Maria Kassova 

MARIA KASSOVA  //  Passion for Sales

What Others Say


Robin is a true “professional” who understands the speaking business and has the creative expertise to pull it all together. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence is second to none!

Tim Wackel, President, The Wackel Group. Sales Training That Works


Working with Robin Creasman put my career on the fast track. Robin knows what it takes to get you BOOKED. Robin is easy to work with yet not afraid to set you straight.

He will hit you with the truth and you are better for the blow. No fluff, no fiddle-faddle. But don’t get me wrong, he’s a super nice guy too. If Robin chooses to work with you, he WILL make you a better speaker and he might even produce a video for you that will rocket you to the next level.” –

Dean Lindsay, Author & Speaker. Business Growth & Performance 

the day I spent with you has been the best investment I’ve made in my business.

Robin, I want to thank you for the coaching day we spent together in re-crafting my presentation. I’ve been in the speaking business for almost ten years and felt I needed help in taking my content to the ‘next level.’ I can say without reservation that the day I spent with you has been the best investment I’ve made in my business. You helped me to look at my content in a whole new way, and succeeded in moving me out of my comfort zone. After our day together, I was excited and confident that this new approach was solid. Well, now after delivering the speech several times, I’m more excited than ever. The audience response has been fabulous, and I know I’m having a greater impact on the participants. Thanks so much for your insights, Robin – and also for making the coaching fun.

DENNIS SNOW  //  Consultant to & former Walt Disney World Executive, Author: Lessons from the Mouse

The investment I made paid itself back five-fold in a matter of weeks.

You thought you were good? Wait until Robin Creasman gets his hands on you. Robin’s ability to package your video and send you out into the world as the best speaker you can be is truly remarkable. His outstanding work ethic, talent, professional experience as a television and music producer and knowledge of the speaking industry is a combination that simply can’t be beat. The investment I made paid itself back five-fold in a matter of weeks. To boot, Robin is one of the nicest and most generous souls you will ever meet… one of my closest pals. What more could anyone ask for.

VICTORIA LABALME  //  Theatrical Keynotes CSP, CPAE - NSA Speaker Hall of Fame


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