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Stand Out Go Live!

a Producer's Guide to 

Look, Sound, & Present

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Grow Your Influence, & 

Close More Sales!

For Presenters, Course Creators, & 

Professionals who Teach Virtually.

Robin Creasman 

The Rockstar Presentation Coach

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Stand Out Go Live!

90-Minute Workshop (lifetime access)

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Stand Out        GO LIVE

a Producer's Guide to Look, Sound, & Present Like a Pro 

on Video!

Do You Stand Out & Wow Your Audience When You Deliver Video Presentations?

Many speakers have struggled to make the transition from speaking live on-stage to doing virtual presentations. 

Technical issues, equipment choices, & how to set up the background can be confusing, but more importantly, it's what you say, how you say it, & how you connect with your audience that determines if they will listen to you, engage with you, or buy from you. 

I've seen a lot of speakers, trainers, course creators, & professionals 

fail in this area over the last year, and it's tough to watch. 

So, why is this happening? It's a simple answer really.

You never trained to be a video producer or on-camera talent! Right!

You're an expert who speaks live on-stage with a wireless mic & PPT slides

And you do it really well. 

But times have changed!

It's vitally important that you learn the skills to produce & present a virtual presentation that wows your audience & moves them to action. If you don't, you won't continue to get bookings or close sales as you have in the past. Now's the time to Stand Out on Video!

I can show you step-by-step the What, Why, & How to Wow Your Audience w/a Rockstar Virtual Presentation so you can continue to get more bookings, grow your influence, & close more sales!

I'll show you how to

Master the Four Areas of Live Video Confusion

Tech, Equipment & Studio Design 

Confused about what gear to buy? I'll show you the right equipment for YOUR situation, how to set it up, & how to design your background so you can Stand Out on Video!

Camera Confidence & Presentation Style

Nervous about speaking on camera? I'll show you how to Look & Sound great using Professional Camera Tips & Techniques so you can Present like a Pro with Confidence!

Production Tools & Graphics 

Using cool graphics, videos & production software can really make your presentations Stand Out. But it's easy to get lost in the how-tos and details. I'll show you my process to creating graphics with software that will have you Standing Out in no time!

Presentation Success Formula 


Successful TV series are written with a proven Script & Run-of-Show Formula. Video Presentations should be the same way.

I'll show you the exact formula I've used in producing over 300-hours of broadcast television to take you from being an average speaker to a Rockstar Speaker!

“If you could take $10,000 and turn it into $100,000 in under two months, would you find the $10K? Want to know how? Invest in Robin Creasman's video & performance coaching and enjoy the return!”

Vince Poscente

/ CSP, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame 

Best-Selling Author (8 books), Olympian

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If you want to Stand Out on Video every time you GO LIVE, taking one of my workshops, courses, or joining my membership is the right place for you. 

My teaching style is fun, engaging, informative, & interactive. You'll leave each session with a positive feeling, enlightened, and excited to get started on your journey to delivering a rockstar Virtual presentation that wows, woos, & wins your audience every time you go live!


Let me help you Stand Out, Grow Your Influence, & Make More Money!

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Stand Out Go Live!

90-Minute Workshop (lifetime access)

Coming Soon!

Price only $47

Stand Out        GO LIVE

a Producer's Guide to Look, Sound, & Present Like a Pro 

on Video!


Hi, I'm Robin Creasman. I teach speakers, course creators, & professionals who speak how to Stand Out on Video with a Rockstar Presentation to wow, woo, & win their audience, grow their influence, & close more sales.

I've spent 25-years in the music, television, & speaking industries as a recording artist, record company executive, & television producer (2 Emmy & 17 Telly Awards) producing over 300-hours of broadcast tv series & music documentaries for NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, TNN, BBC, PAX, & The CW Network featuring a number of rock & country stars & celebrity sports figures (Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Jeff Gordon, Terry Bradshaw, Travis Tritt, Waylon Jennings, Mark Knopfler, Graham Nash, and Paul McCartney to name a few).

Early in my career I was a touring musician & recording artist for USA Records with my band Backstreet (3 albums). We were lucky to share the stage with some of our favorite bands of the 80s (Starship, Restless Heart, Huey Lewis & The News, The Pointer Sisters, Firefall, Pure Prairie League, & Blood, Sweat & Tears among others). We were also featured on Ed McMahon's TV Show "Star Search," but lost the $100k grand prize to the country band, Sawyer Brown (that was fun :-)).

Over the last 15 years (between television series), I've spent much of my time as an international keynote speaker, video producer, & presentation coach to over 140 professional speakers & performers teaching performance strategies from the world of music & television on how to rock your presentation, wow your audience, & deliver a rockstar experience every time you speak, train, or entertain.

Let me help YOU STAND OUT to WIN!

Video & Presentation Skills Coach

I know video production and I know performance! I can help you refresh, refine, & refocus your Live Stage Presentations to Virtual Presentations so you can Wow Your Audience, Book More Gigs, & Make More Money!

Let me help you Stand Out to Win!

Virtual KEYNOTE speaker / Trainer 

6 Ways to Stand Out w/Confidence Every Time You Go Live to Wow, Woo, & Win Your Customer & Close More Sales!

Virtual presentations are here to stay, yet most professionals are not good at delivering live presentations to a camera, running Zoom meetings, or training on video effectively. The end results are not positive. People are tired of boring meetings. 

I can show you & your team how to fix this problem where attendees say, "Wow! Now that was refreshing! Let's do that again!"

3 Areas We'll Cover...

  1. Equipment & Studio Design
    1. How to use your equipment & location for best results.
    2. How to build graphics to enhance your message that are NOT BORING!
  2. Confidence on Camera
    1. Four tips & techniques to be natural, confident, & engaging on camera.
    2. Three ways to engage your audience that's not cheesy, boring, or non-productive.
  3. Presentation Success Formula
    1. How to design your virtual "script & run-of-show" in a totally new way from live presentations. Think TV, Not a Speech. 
    2. The four P's to deliver a virtual presentation that rocks! 

Your team will leave this presentation inspired with a renewed sense of confidence and a roadmap for virtual presentation success.

What Others Say


Victoria Labalme 

 / CPAE, NSA Speaker Hall of Fame, NYT Best-Selling Author - Risk Forward

You thought you were good? Wait until Robin Creasman gets his hands on your footage. Robin’s ability to package your video and send you out into the world as the best speaker you can be is truly remarkable.

He will find jewels in your videos that you didn't realize were there, and he will add those elements to your already existing A-list material to make you shine. When it comes to editing, Robin's outstanding work ethic, talent, professional experience as a television and music producer and knowledge of the speaking industry is a combination that simply can’t be beat.

The investment I made paid itself back five-fold in a matter of weeks. To boot, Robin is one of the nicest and most generous souls you will ever meet… one of my closest pals. What more could anyone ask for.



Dennis Snow

/ Keynote Speaker, Former Disney World Exec, Author - Lessons From The Mouse

Robin, I want to thank you for the coaching day we spent together in re-crafting my presentation. I’ve been in the speaking business for almost ten years and felt I needed help in taking my content to the ‘next level.’

I can say without reservation that the day I spent with you has been the best investment I’ve made in my business. You helped me to look at my content in a whole new way, and succeeded in moving me out of my comfort zone. After our day together, I was excited and confident that this new approach was solid.

Well, now after delivering the speech several times, I’m more excited than ever. The audience response has been fabulous, and I know I’m having a greater impact on the participants. Thanks so much for your insights, Robin – and also for making the coaching fun.



Eric Chester

/ NSA Rocks! Convention Chair, Bestselling Author, CPAE, NSA Speaker Hall of Fame

"Somehow, the words ‘thank you’ just don’t seem like they’re enough.  I have never received as many compliments and enthusiastic appreciative comments as I did from my peers for bringing the rock star panel to the NSA Rocks main stage.  

The session was masterful; many believe one of the best ever at an NSA convention.  And you were the reason it rocked. My favorite moment of the entire weekend was when Kevin walked out singing Take It On the Run.  

NSA has never had a moment like that, and it will never be equaled. Like that would have ever happened without you and your subtle suggestion in the green room.  I watched a real pro at work, and I am deeply indebted to you, buddy.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, Robin.

Your lifelong friend and fan."



Stand Out Go Live!

90-Minute Workshop (lifetime access)

Coming Soon 

Price only $47

Stand Out        GO LIVE

a Producer's Guide to Look, Sound, & Present Like a Pro 

on Video!

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