Be A ROCKSTAR Where You Are! Success Strategies from the World of Music & Entertainment on How to Stand Out, Get More Business, Leave Lasting Impressions, & Be More Successful!

What do rock stars of any industry - musicians, athletes, actors, performers, entertainers, and professional speakers - all have in common? 

They're thoroughly prepared, rehearsed, & ready to rock. They're experts in their industry, are committed, consistent, & strategic thinkers. And they sell their performance with sizzle. In other words, they stand out and shine on stage, play to their strengths, and are focused on what they do best. Plus, they wow their audience every time they walk on stage. 

That's why they have fans. That's why they are successful. And that's why people look up to them, want to follow them, hang out with them, buy from them, and tell others about them.

The Take-Away:

When a rock star stands center-stage and delivers a knocked-out rock-the-house performance, they have the opportunity to turn an average listener into a committed fan. And when they have committed fans, their days of selling are over. They're now the chosen one, the preferred choice, and the one who gets the gig.

Does this sound like someone you'd want to be, or for your team to be? If so, I can help. 


 Book me to speak to your group & I'll pull back the curtain and share with you what I've learned in my 20+ years in the music, television, & speaking business working with rockstars in different industries. I'll show you what to do & how to do it so you & your team can be a ROCKSTAR where they are.

Real-world Rockstars get more business, leave lasting impressions, & are more successful. 

ROCK YOUR CUSTOMER! A Backstage Pass on How to Wow, Woo, & Win Customers by Delivering a Rock Star Experience in Sales & Service.

Do you stand out in your performance when it comes to customer experience and sales? Or do you blend in like everyone else? Most of us live in the world of average… we all look the same, act the same, and talk the same. But rock stars of ANY industry live in the world of awesome. Isn’t it time for you to stand out, get noticed, and deliver WOW moments to your customers and prospects? YES! It's in how your Perform, Communicate, & Connect that will differentiate you from your competition and position you to win prospects and customers with WOW!

In this entertaining, insightful, and power packed presentation, Robin pulls back the curtain and reveals success lessons from the world of music and entertainment that serve as a roadmap for salespeople, Realtors, professionals, and client facing teams on how to Wow, Woo, & Win Customers by going the extra mile to Rock Your Performance and delivering a rock star experience at every touch point.

The Results? Participants will learn... 

  1. New and unique ways to engage customers. 
  2. How to impress with an All ABOUT THEM centered communication style. 
  3. How to incorporate special moments of impact that will have clients saying, "WOW! I want to work with you!"

Bottom line: Everyone wins! Customers will turn into raving fans, salespeople & customer service teams will be empowered with a new perspective on how to please clients, and positive & lasting impressions will be made on everyone served.  

6 Ways to Stand Out w/Confidence EVERY Time You Present to Wow, Woo, & Win Your Customer & Close More Sales!

Virtual presentations are here to stay, yet most professionals are not good at delivering live presentations to a camera, running Zoom meetings, or training on video effectively. The end results are not positive. People are tired of boring meetings. 

I can show you & your team how to fix this problem where attendees say, "Wow! Now that was refreshing! Let's do that again!"

3 Areas We'll Cover...

Equipment & Studio Design

  1. How to use your equipment & location for best results.
  2. How to build graphics to enhance your message that are NOT BORING!

Confidence on Camera

  1. Four tips & techniques to be natural, confident, & engaging on camera.
  2. Three ways to engage your audience that's not cheesy, boring, or non-productive.

Presentation Success Formula

  1. How to design your virtual "script & run-of-show" in a totally new way from live presentations. Think TV, Not a Speech. 
  2. The four P's to deliver a virtual presentation that rocks!

Your team will leave this presentation inspired with a renewed sense of confidence and a roadmap for virtual presentation success.


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