Do you want to Stand Out on Video as a Virtual Speaker in the "new world of speaking"? 

Learn how in my new course...

Rockstar Your Virtual  Presentation 

to Wow, Woo, & Win Your Audience!

by Robin Creasman, The Rockstar Speaker & Presentation Coach


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How you look on video is more important today than ever if you want to separate yourself from 90% of people using new platforms like Zoom, FB Live, Teams, Go To Meeting, et., for meetings, presentations, and web shows. First impressions matter. People make a determination about you based on how you look on camera, how good your audio is, what your background looks like, your presentation style, & a host of other things.

If any of this matters to you, then Rockstar Your Virtual Presentation Video Course is the right one for you!

What You Will Learn In This Video Course

  • 3 THINGS you Must Know & Implement if you want to Stand Out in the New World of Virtual Presentations
  • GEAR: The Equipment You Need & How to Set it Up:    3 Levels...     1. Good,  2. Really Good,  3. Rockstar
  • SET DESIGN: How to Look Great on Camera:   1. In Your Office,  2. w/a Backdrop Scene,  3. w/a Green Screen
  •  SOFTWARE: What works w/Zoom, Teams, et., & Do You Need It?    1. Ecamm Live,  2. Logi Capture,  3. OBS
  • PRESENTATION STYLE:  The New Formula for Success.  Think TV - Not Speech
  • NEW OPPORTUNITIES for you as a Presenter or Show Host in the New World of Virtual 

What You Get With This Course

  • Immediate & Lifetime Access to the Video Course webpage with all the Videos for you to Watch & Learn
  • Membership in a Private Facebook Group w/Access to me for 2-Months
  •  BONUS 1: Downloads of 3 Must Have Checklists:  1. Live Stream Backup Plan, 2. What to Do Before You Go Live, & 3. Camera Etiquette:  Do's & Don'ts
  •  BONUS 2: Download of my "Run of Show" Spreadsheet I used recently for a 2-hour Workshop Presentation to the National Speakers Association. It details suggested Zoom Views to Tech Director, Segment Descriptions, Durations, Host & Admin Instructions on Polls, Breakouts, & Q&A Sessions, Show Run Time, etc.

Who Is This Course For and Not For?

Without sounding cocky, if you want to learn how to stand out on virtual video, regardless of what you do, then this is the course for you. :-)

This Course is FOR you if...

  • You are a featured speaker / presenter for meetings, presentations, keynotes.
  • You are known as an expert in your area and want to stand out on video to support your personal brand.
  • You are trying to build your personal brand and want to stand out on video.
  •  You want expert advice on what exactly to buy, how to set it up & use it, background design, & how to present in the new style for Virtual Presentations (very different than LIVE).

This Course is it NOT for you if...

  • Doesn't really matter how you look on video calls, virtual meetings or FB Live.
  • You are not willing to learn and apply the teaching to your situation.
  • You are not willing to invest a small amount of time & resources to stand out on video.
  • You are looking for a detail tutorials on Logi Capture or OBS, but I do have a course coming soon on Ecamm Live for Speakers. You can get on the Wait List HERE.

Why Me?

Robin Creasman

TV Producer, Speaker, Presentation Coach

Hi, I'm Robin Creasman, The Rockstar Speaker & Presentation Coach. I've been in the music, television, & speaking industries my whole career. I've recorded 3 albums with my pop/rock band Backstreet, produced over 300-hours of broadcast television for a number of Networks (ESPN, TNN, NBC, The CW, BBC, et) featuring a host of rockstars and celebrity athletes, and produced over 140 professional speaker demo videos (many NSA Hall of Fame Speakers) & coached over 40 speakers in their presentation skills & stage performance. 

Bottomline, I know performance, presentation skills, & video production. There's never been a better time where my skill set were more suited to help professionals stand out on video and up their presentation style for this crazy new world of Virtual Speakers. 

I would love to be your coach and walk you through exactly What to Do & What NOT To Do in getting the Right Equipment, Teach You How to Set it Up,  and Show You How to Stand Out on Video Like A Rockstar so you can Wow, Woo, & Win Your Audience. 

I'm Happy to Help and I hope you join me inside Rockstar Your Virtual Presentation to Win!


The purpose of this course is to give anyone looking for expert advice on the details of how to stand out on video with the right equipment for your needs... 

1.  What Equipment to buy (3 levels)

2. How to Set it Up (3 levels) 

3. Set Design - 3 levels... Home Office, Digital Backdrop, & Green Screen

4. Software - Do you Need it? Ecamm Live, Logitech Capture, OBS (how they work with Zoom & other platforms)

5. How to be Great on Virtual Video in the NEW Presentation Style. 

If this sounds like you, I promise you will not be disappointed with this Course or the Live Q&A Sessions. You will definitely learn exactly what to do, what not to do, & how to do it. In about 2 weeks you can be set up & ready to

Rockstar Your Virtual Presentation to Wow, Woo, & Win Your Audience!

Personal Coaching is available to help you with your specific needs on what to buy, how to set it up, how to design your set, and how to use your new equipment!  Click the Buy Now button above 1-Hour VIP Virtual Set-Up via Zoom.


If, for any reason, you don't like Rockstar Your Virtual Presentation, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just reach out to me at and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a full refund. Your choice. :-) 

100 % Money Back