Never again will you walk off stage without being asked by multiple people how they can book you to speak to their group. Being so good on stage that you get "spin-off" business from every event is the Key to Being a Successful Speaker.

It doesn’t matter how good your marketing and social media strategies are, if you can’t stand in front of your ideal audience and wow them with your presentation where they want to tell others about you and book you to speak for their group, then you’ve got a Speaking problem. Not a Marketing problem.

Really Good speakers, just like Rock Stars, know the power of performance. They know that standing center stage delivering a knocked-out rock-the-house presentation can turn an average audience member into a committed fan.

And when you have fans, your days of selling are over. You are now the chosen one... the one who gets the gig.

If you want to Stand Out on Stage, then you need to step up your performance. You need to refresh, refine, and refocus your keynote presentation so audience members and meeting professionals will rave about you as their speaker and want to book you to speak to their group.

In my brand new course... 


I'll show you how! The Results?

You’ll get more business, make lasting impressions, and be more successful.


GET A PREVIEW of the FULL COURSE HERE! You can watch the First Video and see the Full Outline of the Course as it's presented. But, you will have to Purchase the Course to have access to the remainder.

ROCK YOUR KEYNOTE is all about Performance and how to Stand Out on Stage!

It's about how to Craft and Deliver a Keynote Presentation that is motivating, entertaining, and moves people to take action. It's the same performance content I have been teaching my coaching clients for over 10 years.

These performance techniques and strategies have been developed while working with music rock stars through my television and music production days and with speaker rock stars via my coaching, production, and marketing sessions over the years. 

All of this content is UNIQUE to ANY OTHER speaker program out there in terms of perspective, creativity, and entertainment industry insight.

This is NOT basic presentation skills training. This is NOT body language training. And this is NOT about marketing (which is very important btw, but that's for another conversation). 

No... This is all about how to stand out on stage as a skilled and entertaining presenter / performer.

My perspective (which benefits you!) comes from over 25-years as a touring musician, record company executive, speaker producer & performance coach, keynote speaker, and award-winning television producer living in the world of live performance & entertainment.


I look at performance through the eyes of the audience and client because, in truth, their opinion of your performance are the only ones that matter!

Think about this... there has never been a successful live performance show, be it a comedy special, music concert, stage play, or similar event that you’ve paid to attend that wasn’t amazing in its presentation and wasn't produced with the intent to Wow the AudienceSo much so, that it continued to “play” night after night or city after city. 

The Point?

When you are paid to speak in front of a live audience, you are expected to be AMAZING!


Step up & Stand Out on Stage!

Refresh, refine, and refocus your Keynote Presentation to Wow your Audience and Rock your Meeting Professional.

Special offer! Enroll now and SAVE BIG! WHY? 

Keep reading to find out. Plus, you get lifetime access to all updates. Don't Wait!

Many of my coaching clients have called me the "Simon Cowell of the Speaking Industry" because when I'm coaching a speaker on their performance I tell it like it is with truth, accuracy, and real-world expertise like Simon is known for from his American Idol TV days. BUT (and this is a big but...), unlike Simon back in the old days, who could be mean spirited sometimes, I do it with a kind heart, a smile on my face, and a desire for them to be their best.

I love that thought, and would love to be that coach for You!

Eric Chester

Hall of Fame Speaker

The session was masterful

"Somehow, the words ‘thank you’ just don’t seem like they’re enough.  I have never received as many compliments and enthusiastic appreciative comments as I did from my peers for bringing the rock star panel to the NSA Rocks main stage.  

The session was masterful; many believe one of the best ever at an NSA convention.  And you were the reason it rocked.

Dennis Snow

Keynote Speaker

The day I spent with you has been the best investment I’ve made in my business.

Robin, I want to thank you for the coaching day we spent together in re-crafting my presentation. I’ve been in the speaking business for almost ten years and felt I needed help in taking my content to the ‘next level.’

I can say without reservation that the day I spent with you has been the best investment I’ve made in my business.

Jim Jackson

Keynote Speaker

Boy, did I learn something when I hired Robin Creasman

Once every so often you are introduced to a person who makes a difference in your craft as a keynote speaker.  I met such a gifted person in Robin Creasman. 

I learned the difference between being a presenter with powerpoint and being able to create a picture with the words, emotions and the stage as your only props that causes your audience to take positive action.

Fellow speakers, you can not afford to miss this opportunity to spend time with Robin.  I guarantee it.

Would you like to gain the knowledge of an award-winning tv director and producer?  Would you like to gain the knowledge of an award-winning professional entertainer?  Would you like to be trained by a highly experienced professional speaker coach?  

To be trained and gain knowledge of all three of these people, you only need Robin Creasman.  He is a three in one value.  I suggest you take his online course, Rock Your Keynote, sign up for his coaching, and you will begin to rock your audiences more than you ever thought possible.  

Robin has the most wide-ranging knowledge and experience of any speaker coach I know. 

If you want to get to the top of your trade, Robin Creasman is your person!  Call Robin today!

Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney

Keynote Speaker, Author, Combat Pilot



Module 1: Think Like a Producer
  • What is a Producer & how is he or she Different that a Director?
  • What it means to Produce your Presentation and Why you need to do so
  • 3 Entertainment Industry Elements YOU MUST Produce to stand out and How to do it. (But with NEW Insights from World of Entertainment.)
    1. The Open
    2. The Unplugged (aka, the Memorable Middle)
    3. The Close
  • INSIDER SECRET - The Success Roadmap (tv show formula) Producers Use to Produce their Hit Television Shows that YOU can use too to Craft YOUR Speech that rocks!
  • Q&A's from beta release.


Module 2: Stage Like a Director
  • What is the role of a Director & why should I Care?
  • 3 Production Tips that will set your presentation apart from other speakers.
    1. Room dynamics & Technical issues you need to know so you can use the room for Impact.
    2. How to Produce your PowerPoint to WOW!
    3. Special Instructions for the AV and Video team that can help you stand out in your presentation and in the production of your video
  • Q&A's from beta release.


Module 3: Write Like a Storyteller
  • What does it mean to Write like a Storyteller?
  • 3 Ways to move your speech from Good to Really Good to AMAZING!
    1. How to Craft your whole Keynote like a Story so that it's memorable
    2. WHY it's Important to Script your speech vs. just using Bullet Points or Mind Mapping. (NOT what you think!)
    3. How to turn your own life situations into Stories with a Message
  • Q&A from beta release


Module 4: Rehearse Like an Actor & Touring Musician
  • Why should I rehearse like an Actor vs. Knowing my stuff like an Expert?
  • Two Ways to Practice like an Actor & Touring Musician
    1. How to KNOW your Speech like an Actor KNOWS their Script
    2. How to Move from 2D to 3D  when Telling a Story
  • Q&A's from beta release.


Module 5: Perform Like a Rock Star
  • What does it mean to Perform Like a Rock Star? I'm Only giving a SPEECH!
  • 3 Ways to Stand Out to be considered a Rock Star Speaker to your Audience & Meeting Professional
    1. How to show up, engage, and connect to make a powerful impression that speaks volumes!
    2. How to Own your Message & Deliver w/100% Confidence an Authentic, Engaging, and Entertaining Presentation every time you speak.
    3. How to better your odds of getting referrals, testimonials, and introductions from audience members and your meeting professional.
  • Q&A's from beta release.


A 30-min. Personal Coaching Call with Me.

Once you've gone through the full course content and you've collected all your questions about your specific keynote situation, just send me an email saying you are ready to talk and we'll schedule a 30-minute Video or Phone Call so I can answer your questions and provide counsel on how to succeed.

My normal Coaching Call rate is $500/hr, so not only do you get access to my best content on how to Craft & Deliver a Rock Star Keynote, but you also get a Personal Call added to that package for less than my normal rate for a single call.

But more importantly, by going through the course and having your personal coaching call with me, you'll know everything you need to know for you to craft, produce, write, rehearse, and deliver a keynote speech that will rock-the-house and get you multiple requests for bookings every time you speak.

Now how much is THAT worth?   $$$$$? Exactly!

About Robin Creasman, aka The Rock Star Speaker

Robin Creasman is an award-winning television producer, motivational keynote speaker, an in-demand speaker performance coach, former touring musician and recording artist for USA Records, as well as an entertainment industry marketing expert known as The Rock Star Speaker & Performance Coach.

He teaches success strategies from the world of music & entertainment on how to deliver a rock star customer experience to grow your business and how to stand out on stage by delivering presentations that rock. 

It doesn't matter if your "stage" is working one-on-one with a customer, leading a team meeting, or speaking to 1000's, Robin will show you how you can stand out in your presentation & communication skills, wow your customer, and ultimately close more sales. 

He's also the author of the audiobook, Be A Rock Star12 Ways To Stand Out in Leadership, Customer Service, & Sales.

Here’s what people are saying about Robin

Libby Gill

Keynote Speaker

Former PR Dir for Dr. Phil Show

Robin helps you stand out in the marketplace and working with him was a great experience.

Robin Creasman is an amazing speaker coach – he works on both the content and performance of your speech.

But unlike a lot of “speaker coaches” out there, he really knows what he’s doing, understands the marketplace, has great taste and follows through.

Vince Poscente

Hall of Fame Speaker

Invest in Robin Creasman's expertise and enjoy the return!

If you could take $10,000 and turn it into $100,000 in under 2 months, would you find the $10k?

Want to know how?

Invest in Robin Creasman's expertise and enjoy the return!

Jennifer Fondrevay

Keynote Speaker, CHO

I chose Robin as a coach because I didn’t want to be a good speaker I wanted to be a great speaker

I chose Robin as a coach because I didn’t want to be a good speaker I wanted to be a great speaker and I didn’t have time to waste. 

At a time when participation trophies have become the norm, Robin stands out for being stingy with accolades. But when you get them, you’ve earned it. 

His showmanship background infuses his coaching, making you really think about how you perform your speech. If you want to be great — he’s your guy."


To honestly put into perspective the value of this course, my personal virtual coaching program is based on $500 per hour. Rock Your Keynote Course contains 5-Hours of Video Content delivered via 16 videos covering the 5 Core Principles in depth. It's me talking directly to you from inside my home studio, sharing with you the bulk of my knowledge gained from over 25-years working with rock star musicians, sports figures, and professional speakers on how to stand out on stage. It's the same content I've been teaching my coaching clients for years. But this is the first time I've turned it into a course format and made it available to the public. 

So, if I were to put a price on the value delivered it would be in the thousands.

But, I'm offering it at a substantial discount for only $497 ALONG WITH a 30-minute Personal Coaching Call with me once you've gone through the course to help you apply what you've learned to YOUR presentation.

Why? Just to make sure you get an ABUNDANCE of knowledge and information on how you can Craft & Deliver a Rock Star Presentation that will get you booked over and over again.


Instead of $1997 - You Can Buy it ALL for just $497




  • Lifetime Access 
  • Engaging Live to Camera Presentation w/ Q&A versus Boring "Webinar Style w/PPT"Live
  • 30-minute Personal Coaching Call after going through Course
  • Access to RYK Workbook & Slides



BONUS: For a limited time, I'm offering a 30-minute Personal Coaching Call with me to help you apply what you've learned in the Course to YOUR Presentation.

7-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


If after you've gone through ROCK YOUR KEYNOTE and had your Personal Coaching Call you do not feel you have received the value you paid...  all you have to do is email me within 7-days of purchasing the Course at Support @ Rock Your Keynote dot com and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked!

Bottom line, I believe 100% in the ideas, strategies, techniques, insights, and teaching inside Rock Your Keynote and know they work! Do not let fear hold you back.

I guarantee you will recoup your investment many times over in $$, in bookings, and in confidence!

Keynote Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the course cover marketing strategies for speakers?

What do you mean this is a Live to Camera Presentation? Is this Live in Person or Online?

How long is the course?

Do I get access to you or is it just watch and listen?

Can I watch the course more than once?

What if I don't like the course?




  • Lifetime Access 
  • Engaging Live to Camera Presentation w/ Q&A versus Boring "Webinar Style w/PPT"Live
  • 30-minute Personal Coaching Call after going through Course
  • Access to RYK Workbook & Slides



BONUS: For a limited time, I'm offering a 30-minute Personal Coaching Call with me to help you apply what you've learned in the Course to YOUR Presentation.

If You've Read This Far, You Owe It To Yourself

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions.

What if just one creative idea in RYK...

helps you finally feel confident that your presentation actually Rocks the Stage and your meeting planner give you a glowing testimonial?

What if just one performance idea in RYK...

helps you book one, two or three new keynotes?

What if just one technical tip in RYK...

helps you stand out in your presentation from all other speakers?

What would those changes be worth to you...

over the next year if you booked just 2 extra engagements? $5000... 10,000?

What about over the lifetime of your career... $50k... $100k... or more?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don't miss your chance to finally up your game and Rock Your Keynote so you can...

Stand Out on Stage and be a Rock Star Speaker!