Performance Coaching for Professionals Who Speak on Stage & Virtually on Video.

Do you want to Stand Out on Video when you Go Live to Grow Your Influence? 

If so, I Can Help!

I help presenters just like you Stand Out on LIve Video with a Rockstar Presentation to wow, woo, & win your audience, grow your influence, & close more sales so you can live the life you love.


How you look on when you Go Live on Video, the Words that you Say, & How you Say them matters! 

How well you Present yourself on video will Determine if someone wants to Listen to you, Follow you, Buy from you, or Tell others about you.

So, don't blend in like everyone else!

Stand Out on Video & Win!

What Others Say

Boy, did I learn something when I hired Robin Creasman.

Once every so often you are introduced to a person who makes a difference in your craft as a keynote speaker.  I met such a gifted person in Robin Creasman. I have worked with several coaches over the past 27 years of being a facilitator, presenter and now a keynote speaker thinking I knew what it meant to be a great keynote speaker.  Boy, did I learn something when I hired Robin Creasman this past April. I learned what it takes to be a great keynote speaker.  I learned the difference between being a presenter with powerpoint and being able to create a picture with the words, emotions and the stage as your only props that causes your audience to take positive action. Fellow speakers, you can not afford to miss this opportunity to spend time with Robin.  I guarantee it.

JIM JACKSON  //  CEO Oak Motors, Author: Power to Change

Robin helps you stand out in the marketplace and working with him was a great experience.

Robin Creasman is an amazing speaker coach – he works on both the content and performance of your speech. But unlike a lot of “speaker coaches” out there, he really knows what he’s doing, understands the marketplace, has great taste and follows through. I believe he is truly invested in my personal growth and success. Robin helps you stand out in the marketplace and working with him was a great experience. I felt relieved to have a partner who really knows the business. He’s a friend and someone I hope to work with on a long-term basis.

LIBBY GILL  //  Author, Executive Coach, Speaker - Former VP Universal, Sony, Turner Broadcasting, Director of PR for the Dr. Phil Show


Let me help you ReFresh, ReFocus & Refine your message and virtual presentations so you can Stand Out On Stage OR VIRTUAL VIDEO every time you speak and get booked over and over and over again after every presentation!

 ZOOM Coaching Video CALLS  

• (1) 60-minute ZOOM Video Call   $350

• (3) 60-minute ZOOM Video Call Bundle  $750


What would Simon Cowell say about your virtual presentation if he were the decision maker considering you for the Headline Speaker?

That's Pressure! So, before you step into that world of competition you better have someone other than yourself or your spouse give you a critique of your speech. What you DON'T know can break you! It's better to understand what's not working BEFORE a decision maker is judging you.  

"WAIT! Aren't I being judged now?", you ask.

You Bet! It may not be Simon Cowell judging you, but you ARE being judged by every possible buyer and attendee when they see your Virtual Presentation or review your Virtual Speaker Video! 

Don't gamble on whether you "Pass the Audition."

Work with me as your coach and I'll make sure you pass with flying colors! I'll put on my Simon Cowell hat, my decision makers glasses, with my producer mindset and give you an honest critique, review, and assessment of your virtual presentation with expert suggestions on how to not only pass the audition but Stand Out on Video & wow the decision makers!

What you'll get...

I'll watch 100% of your signature presentation (from a pre-recorded virtual presentation or a home recorded version) making notes along the way and will share with you:

  • My full review as seen through the eyes of an attendee, a decision maker, and me as your producer.
  • My review notes telling you in detail what works, what doesn't, and why.
  • My creative, tangible, and expert suggestions on what you can do to refresh, refine, or reinvent your speech to improve.
  • (2) 70-minute Follow-up Video Calls to discuss the review and talk about how to improve.
  • BONUS 1: (1) 40-minute Prep Call prior to first gig w/new presentation.
  • BONUS 2: (1) 30-minute Review Call after first gig.



This is the Lexus of presentation skills coaching. Together we'll break down every aspect of your flagship LIVE KEYNOTE Presentation and build it up from scratch. Every moment of every story, every point, and even the call to action is reworked and refined to awesome!

We'll work on your stage performance of the new speech giving you the confidence to rock-the-house! We'll breakdown the 5 key events of your keynote and "produce" these moments so they are crafted to be their very best.  

You'll be confident they are refined and focused to deliver the best information, education, or inspiration in an impactful and entertaining way.

This is THE Program if you want my personal hands-on expertise to help you ReFresh, ReFocus, and ReFine your Signature Keynote that will Rock-The-House Every Time You Stand CenterStage!

What you'll get...

I'll watch 100% of your current signature speech to begin so we'll have a foundation to build on. We can then start from scratch and reinvent or work from where you are to refresh and refine.

(8) 60-minute Calls (2/week) + 3 Bonus Calls

  • Day 1 - 14 - Discovery & Rewrite Speech 
  • Day 15 - 21 - Produce the Presentation
  • Day 22 - 29 - Rehearse Stage Performance
  • Day 30 - Ready to Rock Centerstage
  • 6 Weeks of VIP Email Access
  • BONUS 1: (1) 45-minute Anytime Call
  • BONUS 2: (1) 60-minute Final Prep Call prior to first gig w/new speech.
  • BONUS 3: (1) 45-minute Review Call after first gig




Schedule a Call With Me to Discuss

Schedule a with me to discuss to see if we're a good fit. You can share with me where you are in your speaking career, where you want to be, and what's holding you back. It might be that you're considering a Keynote Makeover. Or maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes and ears to help you fine-tune your message or presentation to move you to the next level with a Keynote Review. Or you might only need a Coaching Call or 3 to help you move forward.

Whatever it may be, I'm happy to help.  
Be Bold. Take Action. Let me help you get Results!